Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance Ltd (PPCA) has access to information relating to you to support your care. We take care to ensure that your information is kept securely; that it is up to date; it is accurate and used appropriately.

All the staff working for the Alliance who are providing a service are fully trained to understand their legal and professional obligations to protect your information and will only look at what they need to in order to arrange for you appropriate care. The clinical staff who provide you with care and if necessary, refer you to other services, will have access to your medical records if you give consent for this to happen. You may be asked on a number of occasions if you consent to staff accessing your records. Your medical records will not be looked at without your consent.

Information we hold about you
Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance will hold the following information about you:

  • Your age, your NHS number, contact details and your next of kin (if appropriate).
  • Details of your contact with our clinical staff, including your illness, treatment and any care provided, plus referrals made to other services.

When is information shared?
We will share information about your consultation with the GP Practice that you are registered with and if necessary, any other service that we feel you need to be referred to for further care or support. If we feel that it is in your best interests to share your information with someone else e.g Social Care or a Voluntary Organisation that could support you, we will ask your permission to do so. Everyone who has access to your information is required by law to keep it confidential. We will not disclose your information to anyone else without your permission unless in exceptional circumstances e.g. a life or death situation. We are also required by law to share certain information, such as information about infectious diseases that may put you or others at risk or where a Court of Law has decided we must.

You have the choice to share or not to share
You can ask for all or some of your information not to be shared with our services. If you decide not to share any relevant information from your medical records with us this will not affect your entitlement to care by your registered GP. However, it may mean that you may not be able to be referred to our services as the clinical staff  would not have access to your medical records. If you have any concerns about how your information is shared or held, please contact us or the Practice Manager at your own GP Practice.

How your records are stored

Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance is not planning to have access to your medical records for longer than necessary. Once your consultation is completed your registered practice will be able to see the consultation in ‘live time’ on your medical record.

Calls made to you from the extended access service are recorded for training and audit purposes. These are stored securely and are only accessed as required.

 Access to your health Information

You have a right to access or view information that Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance holds about you and to have it amended or removed should it be inaccurate. You can make what is called a ‘Subject Access Request’ and we will:

  • Describe the information we hold about you
  • Tell you why we are holding that information
  • Tell you who it might be shared with
  • At your request, provide a copy of the information in an easy to read form.

If you would like to make a ‘Subject Access Request’ please contact Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance Ltd.

Can information be used for any other reason?

We are required to keep some data to evaluate services and the benefits to you as a patient which you receive by using these services. The information we keep is namely, your NHS number, your age and your gender, the reason for using a service and outcome of the consultation.